New Blogger in Town!

Hang in there – still under construction!

UPDATE (9:00 p.m.): Hi everyone! I think I can finally say that my blog is about 90% finished. I started revamping the whole site last night by purchasing my own domain (so exciting!), customizing my theme (so plain, I know.) and brainstorming different ideas of how I want to use this blog or what I wanted to share with you. Today, I attempted to create my own logo and at first, I failed. It was terrible! Who knew it would be so difficult to find an ice cream icon to purchase that had two scoops of ice cream instead of one or three!? Although, my logo seems plain, I really love it! I felt pretty accomplished so far today – and then came the harder part. What do I blog about first?

I guess my first post will be about my first official day as a “blogger”. I’ve tried to blog many times before, but always felt unmotivated, lost or I couldn’t find the time. I had a little motivation and inspiration last night and that is what kick started this new site. I am pretty excited to write and discuss different topics but even more excited to hear some feedback from YOU! Yes, YOU!

You are probably wondering, “why DOUBLE THE SCOOP?” Well….. I love ice cream and so does my daughter, Kylie! I wanted something to revolve around her but also something that represented me as well. Clever, right? You will read a lot about her as she is the center of my universe and we have a lot of exciting events and activities we are partaking in soon!

I hope I have interested you enough to come back and check for updates. I plan to post about once or twice a week – depending on what is going on in my life! So I hope you like, share, comment and/or follow my blog, but most importantly, come back for more posts and updates! Your support is greatly appreciated – stay tuned!

xoxo – Angela

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