Nice People Finish Last, But Maybe For Better Reasons

I am sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Nice guys finish last.” (or vice versa). But maybe nice people finish last for better reasons.

I’ve thought about this topic a lot, but never really sat down to go into depth with it. I am sure a lot of you who crave for love and attention, cuddly Netflix and chill nights and a few random ice cream dates during the week are always wondering why you are always coming across the wrong people. You do all of the right things when it comes to being a good partner – being loyal, honest, attentive and loving. You take them out on dates and compliment how handsome or beautiful they look every day, you give them your time and attention even when you are busy. But yet, you aren’t getting the same treatment back. Why? Why do I always finish last, you ask.

I have a really good friend that have come across a couple of women he was interested in this year. He’s really a true gentleman, I think most women would see him as the total package actually. He recently was “dating” a woman and they hit it off. They knew one another before dating so that was a plus and eventually the friendship turned into real feelings. Things were going well and I thought they were for sure going to be the next cutest couple. But things all of a sudden went downhill and now, they are no longer friends. This “relationship”/friendship that they’ve built no longer exists. He was confused, full of questions and of course he was hurt. I remember him asking me, “Why do nice guys finish last?” and I had no answer for him. I didn’t have one at all so it made me wonder the same. Since then, I’ve always wondered why nice people in general finish last. Why do the good ones have all of the traits people look for in a partner, but yet they don’t think it’s enough? Or maybe they think it’s too much? Either way, it doesn’t make sense.

But maybe nice people finish last for better reasons. Reasons being – the people we thought were good for us, really are not. Maybe they were placed in our lives to teach us a lesson, to make us aware of what is good or bad for us and for our hearts. Or maybe they really just weren’t ready for all that good people have to offer. I believe most people see all the good qualities a person has, but they are afraid of moving forward with them. The more I think about it, the more I realize it as a blessing. A blessing because they’re saving you from becoming more damaged.

Things between two people end because it wasn’t meant to be. It doesn’t matter what qualities you loved about that person or how much you enjoyed their company. Yes, you will hurt and maybe you will continue to hurt for quite some time. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone out there for you. Save yourself for the right person – the one who wants to love you and care for you like you do for them. The one who will take the risk in being with you, knowing one day you may hurt them or one day things may not work out the way you thought. But the one who takes the risk to be with you, deserves every single part of your heart.

You finished last because you deserve more than what you have received in your past. You finished last because people are afraid of you – afraid of what you have to offer. You finished last because he/she wasn’t ready. You finished last simply because they were not the one for you even if you thought otherwise. Face it, you finished last because you want what you equally give to others and there is nothing wrong with that.

Nice people like you will always finish last, but only until the right one comes along. Be patient.


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