To All Women

If you are a woman and have been through hell and back countless times, this post is for you.

We’ve all been dragged through dirt and mud, been kicked down to the lowest level you could imagine and also dealt with life’s most painful, tragic and/or heartbreaking events. But yet, on this very day, we stand tall – taller than ever before. You wanna know why?

Being a woman does not identify us as weak or not capable of getting through tragedy. Being a woman does not mean we are too emotional to deal with any obstacle we run into throughout life. Being a woman does not mean other people get to continue to kick us down until we no longer can get back up ourselves. We are strong, we are built to fight back, we are capable of making changes – but you have to want to be able to. You have to believe in yourself.

I can say that I have been through my fair share of hard battles – as a teenager, to a young adult and through my real adulthood years. I have faced many challenges in my life – more so recently than in my past. Shit, I’ve been through a lot of SHIT (excuse my language)! There are days where I feel like I have been defeated, beat, conquered. I have moments where I feel like I will never be able to get through a certain situation. Then, there are days when I feel like enough is enough. I’ve had it. This is the end. I can’t do it – I will never win.

Yes, I have been down that road. That dark, eerie, unknown path. But whatever you are battling, whether if it’s a terrible relationship/marriage, career complications, fake friendships or you feel alone, just know that you are able to get through it all. As a woman, you must stand tall even through your toughest battle(s) – and rid of all negativity, bad energy and vibes.

Keeping bad energy and vibes around you will not help you. It’ll only make you feel more weak. Although, we are the strongest people on earth (IMO), negative energy is definitely draining. It’ll wear you down to your core. For me, keeping a mental note or even an actual hand written note of all things or people that do and do not have a positive impact on your life helps you sort through what you should and should not keep around. Sometimes, it does hurt to rid of people who have been in your life for so long or who you thought were “good people”. But if you really think about it, sometimes those “good people” were really the negativity you needed to kick to the curb! I’ve learned to do this within the last few years of my 20’s. I now keep a handful of really genuine, good-for-your-soul type of people in my life. They help build me up and vice versa.

Don’t let people tell you that you are too emotional or sensitive. Maybe they are too weak themselves and do not know how to handle such power. Don’t ever let them make you think that you are not good enough. As a strong woman, you will walk away from situations and people who do not believe in your positive energy, your emotional well being and you as a person in general. Hang on tight, pick your battles wisely and come out 1,000 times stronger than ever before. You are prevailing, brilliant and so much more.

This is for the women – all of you who do not know what kind of positive power you have inside of you.

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