It’s a…… Girl?! (Part 1)

How many women do you know in your life that has had an ultrasound during their pregnancy and was told they were having a certain gender … but when the baby was born, it was the total opposite?

If you don’t know anyone who has experienced that, then I WILL GLADLY BE YOUR FIRST!

It’s amazing what type of technology is out there in today’s world. I remember when I had my first cell phone and the only thing my little Nokia phone could do was accept incoming and make outgoing phone calls (after 9pm would be free though!), send and receive text messages for $0.05 per text (YES, PER TEXT!) and play the infamous game “Snake” (it was so damn addicting!). Nowadays, we can video chat, text with no limit, download 100+ apps/games, use GPS, locate your phone and so much more.

So you would think when I had my daughter in 2013, we would be up to date with ultrasound technology. Or maybe that wasn’t the case. Perhaps, my OBGYN just thought I was having a boy instead of a girl. Did she see a finger? Did she even know the difference between private parts? Who knows – But let me get into the story. FYI, it will be in two parts because IT’S THAT EXCITING (and long).

I remember planning to have a child and wanting a boy for as long as I could remember. I told myself having a girl would be a blessing as well, but knowing me, she would turn out exactly like me – attitude and all! Finding out I was pregnant after a month of trying was the biggest and most exciting surprise ever! I remember finding out right before going to Minnesota to help my brother move back home to Seattle. My first trimester wasn’t TOO bad..

I mean it did consist of being nauseous for two months, experiencing my first ever heart burn and lots of sleep! Traveling by plane to Minnesota and then driving 33 long and excruciating hours back to Seattle was definitely the most tiring experience ever, especially being pregnant.

Moving forward to being 20 weeks pregnant, I had been so excited to find out my baby’s gender. I had been assuming it was a boy this entire time – no idea why, but maybe because that was what I was hoping for. I remember arriving to my ultrasound appointment excited, nervous and happy as hell. The tech was taking what seemed like forever to take measurements, run tests and to finally find out what the hell this baby was going to be. Then came the moment I had been waiting for – I remember the tech being awfully quiet, making interesting “ehh” and “hmm” noises. I asked her what was going on and she told me she wasn’t 100% positive what the gender was. She assumed I was having a girl, but did not want to guarantee that. I left disappointed because I had been looking forward to this moment for 20 weeks now!

I decided to make an appointment with my OBGYN to see if she could figure it out. I went in a week later, told her the disappointing news and she reassured me I would not leave until she saw that baby! Well, what do you know?! She said, “It’s a boy!” Me being surprised and happy, I then said, “Are you sure? Because I don’t want to be one of those people who supposedly has a boy but then my baby is born the total opposite.” Now friends, here is when I put my entire trust into this woman. She told me, “I am positive – don’t you see his little wee-wee?” Well shit, I guess I did. I mean it seemed like what it was supposed to be. Who am I to know what a baby wee-wee looked like through an ultrasound? But I believed her anyhow. We planned a baby shower, a “Finding Nemo” themed shower at that – so lot’s of blue, orange, white everywhere. Everyone celebrated and bought us tons of boy related gifts. It was so joyful and overwhelming, but we were all ecstatic!

I remember going to sleep every night anxiously waiting for his arrival. My little Tayvion. His due date was set for December 3, 2013 so I had a couple more weeks to wait.

**Stay tuned for Part 2 – Coming tomorrow!**




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