It’s a……. Girl?! (Part 2)

So now that you’ve waited one full day for part 2 of my surprising pregnancy/birth story… Let me finish it for you!

Fast forward to the day I went into the hospital. I knew I was going to give birth that day since 4am. I felt contractions, knew I had to go in and there I was. 7am, laying in my hospital bed and gown, thinking that my baby was going to come out any minute. 10am rolls around and that is when I couldn’t take it anymore! I NEED DRUGS, NOW! So there I was, numb from the waist down, hungry, nauseous and sleepy. Time felt so slow and I remember laying there thinking, “When is this boy Tayvion ever going to come out?” Evening time was here and the doctor finally told me I would be induced, then we would start pushing a little later and hopefully have a successful delivery. I began pushing at 8:30 p.m. thinking I would be pushing for 4 or 5 hours straight. I am not sure why I had that in my head, but that is what I assumed since he was already being so stubborn to break my water. But at 9:08 p.m., my baby boy was finally here! HE IS REALLY HERE! HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and he peed on my arm when they handed him to me.

I held him for about 30 minutes while being stitched up (is that TMI? Whatever, who cares!) and they were ready to take him away to clean him up. I vaguely remember feeling like I was on cloud 9 from the epidural and very exhausted. Did I ever mention that they gave me a self medicating button for when I felt like I needed another dose of epidural, that I could do it myself? Maybe that’s why I felt so good (*shrugs*). The moment they took Tayvion away was the moment my life changed forever. Literally! I remember the father of my child walking away with them and saying, “Uhmmm, he isn’t a boy……?” He sounded quite confused and all I remember was our parents rushing over to the baby and all of them screaming, “IT’S A GIRL!!!!!” Next thing you know, our parents were dashing out of the room to tell the news to everyone that was waiting in the lobby. I laid there very confused, high on drugs, thinking they were just pulling my leg! I also remember saying, “Don’t play with  me. Quit lying.”

Nope. They weren’t lying. It was definitely A GIRL! WHAT. THE. HECK?????? Anyways, luckily I had a name picked out from a long time ago. KYLIE ANAYA (last name). Was she really a girl? How did that happen? Where is my OBGYN? Can we call her? Is this a mistake? Did they switch my baby? I had so many questions running through my mind, I didn’t know what to think. I was still happy though! They gave her back to me and she was still the most beautiful baby I had ever held. My heart was full – seeing those little hands and feet made me feel so complete. Knowing she was all mine, made me whole.

A couple days later, we were able to go home. FINALLY! I was so ready to go home with my baby girl. She definitely went home in boy clothes, which was pretty hilarious because everyone thought she was a boy anyhow. The first thing I did was go to Toys R’ Us and Target to exchange all of the boy gifts we had received (mainly clothes, shoes and a few necessities) for girl items. I could barely walk, but I was determined to get some pretty cute shit at the store, lol. But all PINK AND PURPLE. Wow. I couldn’t believe it.

I also remember going to our very first doctor’s appointment together. We went to visit with my OBGYN and the first thing she said was, “Well, I heard about your little surprise!” The look on my face told her everything I was thinking and feeling, I’m sure. I wish I had the audacity to tell her she needed to pay for my baby shower, but we proceeded with our appointment and I have not seen her since. I guess I can’t really blame her or today’s technology. I guess I could just blame Kylie for playing tricks on us. Whatever tricks she had up her sleeve while baking in the oven sure had us fooled!

Til this very day, I am still so shocked HE turned out to be a SHE! It’s unbelievable, but it really did happen. My advice to all of you expecting mothers … Make sure you get triple checked during your ultrasound. Better yet, get a blood test – those are usually 100% accurate. I wish I had done that, but God had different plans for me. He wanted to make sure my kid entered this world with a BANG! My friends always told me it would only happen to me, lol. Nonetheless, I am still very much happy Kylie is who she is. Girls are so much fun and she gives me LIFE. She is definitely my mini-me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, maybe her attitude could be adjusted so it wouldn’t reflect from mine, but that’s about it. HA!

I cannot wait until she’s older to understand this story. I cannot wait to tell her we were going to name her Tayvion, LOL! I am sure this will be a story she will get sick of hearing, but it’s definitely one of a kind! SHE is one of a kind.


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