My First Laser Experience.

Okay, let me say this first. DON’T EVER GET LASER HAIR REMOVAL!

Well, I think that came out a little too honest and a little too loud (in my head). But I meant that statement above … 50/50.

Towards the end of summer, I was in such a weird mood about my armpit hair. I mean, I’m not Sasquatch or anything, but it was just getting ridiculous waxing once a week. Although my armpit hairs grew a little after a week, I couldn’t stand it. I did a lot of research on laser hair removal and wasn’t sure how to feel about it. I’m not one to tolerate a lot of pain, but I do have tattoos. After reading several blogs and reviews and asking my women friends on FB for their opinion, people said it felt like getting a tattoo or a rubberband snapping at your armpits. Can’t be THAT bad, right?

WRONG. Okay maybe I said that a little too soon in this post. But anyways, I decided to get a consultation at Ideal Image one day, but didn’t want to make a quick decision because I knew they would try to sell me on it. I went in, spoke to one of their staff members who seemed to have a lot of knowledge on LHR, the process, outcome, etc. She was very informative and I left feeling pretty good. I told her I’d have to think about it and she gave me a couple days and called me with a better offer than what was presented two days before (sales pitch, duh!). After a lot of thinking, I was like, “What the hell, why not?” So I signed up!

You have to go through 10 sessions and each session is 8-10 weeks apart – depending on what session you are doing. the first 5 appointments, you will have to go every 8 weeks. Appointments 6-10, you go every 10 weeks. My first appointment, I was very nervous. I went in, walked to my room with the RN and prepped myself. It didn’t hurt bad at all! I was actually really surprised. Really, really surprised. And you know what? It literally only took 10 seconds to laser both pits. How AMAZING is that? I was informed that every appointment, the intensity of the laser would increase. But only by a little bit. Okay, great! I can handle it.

Now let’s skip to my latest appointment which was about a month ago (12/21/18 to be exact). I left wanting to cry. I guess my pain tolerance isn’t that high! I mean this was only appointment #4. Those 10 seconds, felt like minutes. I was making little noises, holding my breath, trying to breathe in and out like I’m giving birth, but I refused to ask for a break. I can’t ask for a damn break if it only lasts 10 seconds! How embarrassing would that be?! When it was over, she slabbed some aloe vera on my pits and I was on my way. When I got to my car, I sat there with throbbing pits. It was not a good feeling. But in my mind, I am telling yourself, “It’s almost over. 6 more appointments and you’re good for life.”

FOR LIFE. That’s probably the only thing keeping me going because I definitely cannot handle this type of pain if I had to do it every few months or whatever.

But I can say it’s worth the pain. You’ll be 99% hairless wherever you decide to get lasered for your entire life. You may need to go in for touch ups but I heard it’s very rare. I actually highly recommend all my lady friends to get LHR for at least your arm pits. It’s worth it! You’ll never have to shave or wax ever again in your life and that’s the beauty of it! Don’t ask about getting LHR for other parts of my body because I already could sense how it would feel anywhere else on my body. So, for now, I’d say NO THANKS.

If you’ve gotten LHR before, how was your experience?


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