5 Things I Would Do Differently.

Have you ever thought about things you would do differently if you were in your 20’s again? I mean, it’s not like you are living with regrets, but there are just certain things you would have done differently if you could go back in time.

I’ve thought of this question more often than ever before. It has crossed my mind a few times when I was younger, but I never thought too much about it. I didn’t think I had anything in mind that I would do differently honestly. But as time passes and as I’ve gotten older, I knew those questions would arise in my head again. Here are 5 things I would do differently in my 20’s and why – and btw, these are not in order:

  1. Experiencing the college life – When I say “experience”, I really meant experience the entire thing. From staying in the dorms or around the area of the University. Perhaps even attending college out of state. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I would finish all 4 years if I really felt like I didn’t want to. It’s not that I wouldn’t be able to because anyone is capable of that. But sometimes, people drop out of college because they realize school just wasn’t for them. Because they felt like it wasn’t their purpose in life. And I get it! I really do. And that might have been the reason why I never went to college physically. I did take some courses online though and still wasn’t into it. But now, I wish I would have attended college just to say at least I’ve experienced it.
  2. Being wiser about money – When we are in our 20’s, people our age typically aren’t financially stable as someone whose in their 30’s. We are still living our lives, going out with our friends often, buying whatever the hell we want, living with our parents (nothing is wrong with that btw) and not having any major responsibilities. I wish I was more wiser with money though. I wish I would have saved more like I do now especially when I had the chance to. I also wish I would’ve thought about certain purchases before actually buying crap. Yeah, crap. My advice to anyone younger than me… DON’T BUY CRAP. SAVE YOUR MONEY. INVEST IN YOURSELF AND YOUR FUTURE. Because it’ll definitely come in handy in the long run. That is all.
  3. Moving out of state – I’ve always wanted to move out of state – especially to Cali. It’s always been somewhat of a dream to do it after turning 21. I blame a lot on my parents being so strict and controlling when I was younger, my fears of never making it on my own or not fitting in wherever I moved to and just not being able to survive in a new environment. All of that was fear. And I wish I never felt any fear when thinking about moving. At the time, I was in a long-term relationship, I wasn’t financially ready and I was scared. I was simply scared of not making it and being disappointed at myself. At the time, I had no major commitments like a super cool, high paying job or any kids. Why didn’t I just jump the broom and JUST DO IT? My advice to you is to not be scared. Just do what makes you happy even if you do not know the outcome. We all can’t predict the next move or what happens when we do something. So just do it.
  4. Investing in relationships that helps with growth – I’ve invested time in people who are no longer in my life and I wish I would have chosen better people to be in my life when I was younger. It kind of sucks but at the same time, it feels like a blessing they are no longer here. It’s for a reason. Whether it being relationships or friendships. Those relationships/friendships I had with people didn’t help me grow into the person I am today. Choose your friends or lovers wisely. Make sure they bring something to the table emotionally and mentally just as you would for them. Eliminate anything that stunts your growth and doesn’t make you prosper into a better person, period. Keeping toxic people in your life does not make life easier or better.
  5. Spending more time alone – Back then, I never really spent a lot of time alone but I wish I did. Making time for yourself gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better – you can learn how to love yourself so you don’t need to depend on someone else to fulfill that part of your life all the time. Spending time alone gives you the chance to discover things you like and don’t like – what you want and don’t want in your life – and being more in tune with yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. I believe if I had spent more time with myself instead of relying on others to make me happy, I would be happier today. I wouldn’t feel the need to fill in these missing puzzle pieces and I probably wouldn’t be dealing with depression. But it’s never too late! If I do not have my daughter, I spend a lot of time being alone. I don’t socialize much but I like being alone more. I don’t think it’s a bad thing because I do find a balance. I make time for others and I make time for myself as well. Self care is important and I know not many of us make the time for ourselves. But I swear to you, it’s life changing. Take time to invest in your health, your mental and emotional well being and just make time for YOU. It’ll be beneficial in the long run with future engagements, relationships, career opportunities and so much more.

These are the only 5 things I would change about my past. I don’t regret not doing any of the above in my 20’s and I know it’s definitely never too late to start checking all of these off my list. But I hope my list inspires you to write your very own and hopefully you can go back in time and make things happen TODAY!

One thought on “5 Things I Would Do Differently.

  1. Totally agree with you on this. I always reflect on what I could have done but no regrets. I love the reflection though. I think about our history as lao people and the things we go through and how it molded us growing up. And now that I’m in my 30s everything seems clearer. Living as untro vert in these social media days is difficult. Remember this though? FILA!! Lol


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