What Blogging Does For Me.

Blogging takes me places I’ve never been and sometimes to places I don’t want to visit.

But that’s just what blogging does to me. It brings out a lot of emotions out of me. It’s very therapeutic actually and it has been my escape from reality at times.

I came across a post on Twitter asking if anyone has done any journalism before and of course, I had to jump on that. I kept my answer short, but wanted to make sure this user knew that journalism was everything to me. Weird how I’ve never used that word before btw! But my answer is exactly how I feel about writing. It brings out the best in me, even during troubling times.

Honestly, I’ve tried to blog several times prior to my current site and it just couldn’t make me feel a thing. I’ve always been the type to write in an actual journal or pieces of paper. I decided to try again a couple of years ago with the confidence boost from my SO. I went ahead and bought an actual domain (first time ever!) and it felt really good to have my own site. At first, I didn’t know what to call it. After some brainstorming, I did come up with a site name, but recently changed it at the end of 2018. I figured if all of my social media accounts are the same, why not my blog? And it represents MEIT’S MY NAME!

I struggled a lot in 2017 and 2018 being consistent with my blog. I started out posting about things I’ve never really spoke on before. I wanted to share my experiences, feelings and thoughts with the universe. I didn’t know who my audience would be. I wasn’t sure who I would reach or whose hearts I would touch. I didn’t know my blog would do anything for anyone. But eventually, I took a long hiatus from my blog. I was kind of sad, but then again, I knew I wasn’t ready. Or maybe my blog wasn’t ready for me. *SHRUGS* I was struggling a lot emotionally and mentally at the time as well, so my brain wasn’t in the right position to write. I told myself to just breathe and take a break. I knew eventually, it’ll come back to me.

Near the end of 2018, I lost my Grandpa. Seeing my Grandma so broken and hurt, hurt me too. Deeply. One night after his death, I began writing a post. I didn’t plan on posting it at the time. I just felt like writing – to release the sadness I felt in my soul. Then on Christmas morning, I decided to publish that post. Til this day, I read it over and over and I still cry. Who knew my very own writing would make me react this way. It only makes me wonder who else I have touched as well. One of my goals is to change lives with my writing.

At the end of the day, writing will take me places I’ve never been, but it also makes me feel so much freedom. I feel free and detached from the world in really good ways. Writing without a care of what others may think or say is definitely something that took time to get used to. I’ve realized each of my posts, you can slowly see my transition from a somewhat closed off blogger to someone whose become more open. Some day, I hope to write about my experiences and/or tragedies I have dealt with in my life that may shock some – it may hurt, but it will heal and connect. It will heal and connect you and I, together.

I’m not a famous blogger or anywhere near it. But I only hope that one day, my writing will take people places – I hope that it’ll change their lives. If one of my posts can change one person’s life or their view of their own lives, then I’d say I’ve become pretty successful.

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