My Every Day Face Faves!

Does every girl use the same make up products on a daily basis or is it just me? I literally use the same products for every occasion – work, social events, weddings, random store runs to Target. I guess I’m a little boring, but then again, I like simplicity. Continue reading

Traveling: With or Without A Tour Group

Traveling could get pretty stressful when you are just in the beginning stages of planning – especially traveling abroad.

About a year ago, my cousin and I decided to go on a trip for our 30th birthdays! No, we are not twins, but we could be. Being 3 days apart counts as being twins, right? Sort of? Not really? Okay. We definitely knew we wanted to get out of the country so we had two choices: Thailand or Dubai. Being that we are Laotian – which is very similar to Thai, we decided to go to Dubai. Who wouldn’t want to anyways?! You hear about Dubai so often these days because of celebrities we follow on social media. A lot of hip hop/rap artists travel to Dubai so we figured it would be super fun! Continue reading