Missing You.

Losing someone you truly love is never easy. Especially when it’s so unexpected.

Although it’s Christmas day, I thought I’d share a story that’s been heavy on my heart and mind.

Two days after Kylie’s 5th birthday and two days before Thanksgiving, I lost someone really special to me – my grandpa. I didn’t really publicize this to people – only those very close to me. Since November 20th, life has been very different without him – mainly bad, but good in some ways as well. Besides feeling like our hearts have been ripped from our bodies, especially my grandma’s .. It has brought my entire family closer – some of them had rarely ever spoken to each other and we have not been together in the same house/room in YEARS. It’s kind of crazy how death brings people closer together, even enemies. Continue reading

Where Do Our Insecurities Come From?

This may be a question you and many other people ask themselves a lot.

If you believe not everyone has insecurities, then you’re wrong. Everyone is insecure in one way or another. Whether if you don’t feel beautiful enough, you aren’t happy about yourself physically or you don’t trust your partner. But where does all of these insecurities come from? Continue reading

It’s a……. Girl?! (Part 2)

So now that you’ve waited one full day for part 2 of my surprising pregnancy/birth story… Let me finish it for you!

Fast forward to the day I went into the hospital. I knew I was going to give birth that day since 4am. I felt contractions, knew I had to go in and there I was. 7am, laying in my hospital bed and gown, thinking that my baby was going to come out any minute. 10am rolls around and that is when I couldn’t take it anymore! I NEED DRUGS, NOW! So there I was, numb from the waist down, hungry, nauseous and sleepy. Time felt so slow and I remember laying there thinking, “When is this boy Tayvion ever going to come out?” Evening time was here and the doctor finally told me I would be induced, then we would start pushing a little later and hopefully have a successful delivery. I began pushing at 8:30 p.m. thinking I would be pushing for 4 or 5 hours straight. I am not sure why I had that in my head, but that is what I assumed since he was already being so stubborn to break my water. But at 9:08 p.m., my baby boy was finally here! HE IS REALLY HERE! HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and he peed on my arm when they handed him to me. Continue reading

The “Not-So-Perfect” Mom

Since the day Kylie was born, I knew I wouldn’t be the perfect mom. But of course, I would give it my all no matter what.

She is getting ready to turn 4 years old in November and some times I can’t believe it! Yes, I will have a 4 year old! During these last 3.5 years of her life, we have been through a lot – many happy memories to be shared along with a few mishaps and disappointments. Every day, I am reminded of why I wake up each day thankful. She has not only made me stronger as a person, but she has taught me that I will never be the perfect mom. Continue reading