God, are you there?

I have never been a religious person growing up nor have I been one as an adult. My dad was always really religious as I was growing up – praying daily, visiting the temple on special occasions or on a monthly basis, educating me on his beliefs of Buddha. He used to visit some spiritual person all the way in Tacoma every other week to seek for advice, answers, good vibes, etc. But I just never caught on to it. Don’t get me wrong – I believe there is some sort of higher power up there guiding us through life. But who knows what or who is up there? Continue reading


31. What can I say? I’ve made it to thirty-freaking-one years and that is truly amazing!

I didn’t have any big plans (or any plans at all) for this year – all I really wanted was to chill out. Honestly, 30 wasn’t that big of a deal to me so 31 is just another day. BUT, before you could say how ungrateful I sound to be alive, please note that I AM extremely thankful for life itself. I’m alive, well and still young, right?! Continue reading

Looking Forward & Never Looking Back

I know I am a little late, but 2017 has finally come to an end. We are in the third week of the new year and I must say it isn’t too bad, yet.

2017 was one hell of a year! I’m sure not only for me, but for those around me as well. For the last few weeks, I have been reflecting on all of the things that has happened in the last year – good and bad. And I must give myself props for making it through another year. It has been a tough one and not many know that about my life. I am a pretty private person, even with friends. But I’ve learned that I should not always keep everything to myself – for the sake of my mind and emotions. Continue reading

It’s a……. Girl?! (Part 2)

So now that you’ve waited one full day for part 2 of my surprising pregnancy/birth story… Let me finish it for you!

Fast forward to the day I went into the hospital. I knew I was going to give birth that day since 4am. I felt contractions, knew I had to go in and there I was. 7am, laying in my hospital bed and gown, thinking that my baby was going to come out any minute. 10am rolls around and that is when I couldn’t take it anymore! I NEED DRUGS, NOW! So there I was, numb from the waist down, hungry, nauseous and sleepy. Time felt so slow and I remember laying there thinking, “When is this boy Tayvion ever going to come out?” Evening time was here and the doctor finally told me I would be induced, then we would start pushing a little later and hopefully have a successful delivery. I began pushing at 8:30 p.m. thinking I would be pushing for 4 or 5 hours straight. I am not sure why I had that in my head, but that is what I assumed since he was already being so stubborn to break my water. But at 9:08 p.m., my baby boy was finally here! HE IS REALLY HERE! HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and he peed on my arm when they handed him to me. Continue reading