The Stability We Need But Don’t Have

We’ve all been there, done that – with everything. The things we experience in life molds us into who we are today. No matter what we go through, we usually can pick ourselves up, shake it off and move forward.

But some people do not have the ability to pick themselves up and bounce back. They stay in a rut, beat themselves up emotionally and mentally almost to the point where they’ve given up. When you are not mentally and emotionally stable, it leads you down the road to depression, anxiety, isolation, etc. It is a very sensitive subject for most – at least I know it is for me. Talking about it with friends was something I didn’t want to do. But even if you don’t some may notice how different you’ve been, especially if you’ve been isolating yourself or not being your true self when you are around others. It takes a lot of self awareness, strength and courage for you to recognize and know that you need professional help. Not everyone can admit to having depression – but I want you to know that you will be okay. Continue reading