It’s Not Easy Being A Woman.

For any living woman on this earth, we should know that being a woman is not easy – It’s tough. We are emotionally unstable, indecisive humans at times. But there are times where we are very uplifting, happy, positive and motivating even when we don’t want to be. We have really rough days to where we want nothing to do with society, the world and people around us. Sometimes, WE. JUST. NEED. SPACE.

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To All Women

If you are a woman and have been through hell and back countless times, this post is for you.

We’ve all been dragged through dirt and mud, been kicked down to the lowest level you could imagine and also dealt with life’s most painful, tragic and/or heartbreaking events. But yet, on this very day, we stand tall – taller than ever before. You wanna know why? Continue reading